Welcome Message
    On behalf of the Society of Chinese Natural Medicine (SCNM), it is a great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 34th Symposium of Natural Products, which will be held on October 17th – 19th 2019 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. SCNM was officially established with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior (台內社字第9018972號) on November 19th, 1988. SCNM is dedicated to promote the research and development of natural medicines. The main purpose of SCNM is to host national conferences and symposia annually and encourage our members to participate in international conferences and academic exchange activities.
    In the 34th Symposium of Natural Products, a series of lectures that aims to shed light into recent advances in natural products were carefully selected for all participants. We sincerely believe that the meeting in Taoyuan will bring together scientists from all over the world, then to advance better knowledge and to learn the role of natural products in drug discovery, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and applied chemistry. We look forward to welcoming you at “The 34th Symposium of Natural Products”.

Tsong-Long Hwang, Ph.D.
President, SCNM-Taiwan

Contact person:Ms. Wu   Tel:(03)211-8800#5523.  E-mail: SCNM.1988@gmail.com