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本次研討會 (18日、19日議程) 辦理藥師繼續教育積分,提供藥師進修及獲取專業新知,歡迎踴躍報名


課程代碼 課程名稱 講師 課程時間 學員積分
C20190821A10EJ Recent Advancements in the Discovery & Development of Anticancer & Anti-AIDS Clinical Trial Candidates from Chinese Herbal Medicine
 Kuo-Hsiun g Lee
2019/10/18 上午 09:30:00 0.8
C20190821A10EL Developing New Drug Leads from Marine Cyanobacterial Natural Products
 William H. Gerwick
2019/10/18 上午 10:30:00 0.8
C20190821A10EP Innovative omics-based approaches for prioritization and efficient targeted isolation of valuable natural products – A change of paradigm in pharmacognosy
 Jean-Luc Wolfender
2019/10/18 上午 11:10:00 0.8
C20190821A10EQ Interspecific Interactions: Chemical Diversity via Mapping the Fungal Battlefield
 Nicholas Oberlies
2019/10/18 下午 01:30:00 0.8
C20190821A10ER Miniature of Traditional Medicine Research - An Overview of National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM)
2019/10/18 下午 02:10:00 0.6
C20190821A10ES Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer Patients in Taiwan
2019/10/18 下午 02:40:00 0.6
C20190821A10EV The Application of Natural Products on the Management of Skin-Related Disorders
2019/10/18 下午 03:30:00 0.6
C20190821A10EX Disarm the Function of Siderophore in the Combat between Fungus and Bacterium
2019/10/18 下午 04:00:00 0.6
C20190821A10EY Identification of Natural Inhibitors Targeting Enterovirus A71 VP1-receptor Interaction
2019/10/19 上午 09:00:00 0.6
C20190821A10F0 Development of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics
2019/10/19 上午 09:30:00 0.6
C20190821A10F2 Development of antifungal and anticancer drugs from fungal strains by a strategic approach
2019/10/19 上午 10:30:00 0.6
C20190821A10F4 Bioactive Natural Products with Anti-inflammatory and Anti-angiogenic Effects from Formosan Plants
2019/10/19 上午 11:00:00 0.6
C20190821A10F6 Anti-Inflammatory Principles from Vigna luteola
2019/10/19 下午 01:00:00 0.6
C20190821A10F7 Exploration of Osteogenic Potential of Taiwanese Plants and Designing Novel Models for Screening
2019/10/19 下午 01:30:00 0.6
C20190821A10F8 The Opportunity of Discovering Drug Leads for Treating Neutrophilic Inflammatory Diseases
2019/10/19 下午 02:00:00 0.6

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